[Newsletter | April, 2021] – American Behavioral Culture in Business (Part 2)


5. Punctuality culture

Punctuality culture

For Americans, punctuality shows their professionalism and respect for partners, especially in the business environment. Delays can be sympathized when it’s not too much, and you should notify your partner of the delay, along with the reason, if possible. In big and crowded cities, traffic congestion can be a major commuting problem. Therefore, you should estimate the time reasonably so as not to be late in the meetings with US partners. Nowadays, online meetings are becoming more and more popular because of the convenience of eliminating travel expenses. You should also prepare for online meetings by checking connection quality, video function, app updates, announcements, display materials, and meeting links carefully before the meeting to make sure it starts on time and goes smoothly.

6. Attendees and meeting content announcements

Attendees and meeting content announcements

The Americans value efficiency for every meeting. In order to save time and prepare well for the meeting, they expect to be informed in advance about the meeting participants and content if they cannot find it in any trusted source. If you can do this, American business people will greatly appreciate your professionalism and the opportunities for cooperation between the two sides can dramatically increase.

7. The frankness of Americans

The frankness of Americans

In general, in business culture, Americans pay less attention to rituals than getting straight to the point. After a few greetings, they begin to discuss the deal and may interrupt the others to ask and offer an opinion – which is considered quite rude in some cultures. When they find that the negotiation is not working, they may end the meeting before the scheduled end time.

8. Americans and gifts issue in business context

Americans and gifts issue in business context

Usually, American businesspeople do not share gifts unless a relationship becomes personal rather than for business. In addition to it not being practiced, it is often viewed as an attempt to influence business decisions or even as an act of bribery in the American culture. As long as they realize the opportunities and benefits in the deal, they will enthusiastically negotiate, there is no need giving gifts. Only if you guys get closer, and you are invited to come home to dine, then bring a small gift to thank their invitation.

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