Our story

Who we are

Noble Network is a Vietnam operating subsidiary of Front Range Venture Connections, a US company founded in 2003. We are a network of Noble business leaders, executives, investors and educators who come together solely to empower socially aware companies and their leaders.

Missions & Visions

We are building an enlightened international business community by providing supportive financial strength, skills and wisdom to one noble business leader at a time. The relationships we build connect noble-minded leaders who enjoy working together globally with confidence and mutual trust, and who care about how they affect the world.

Collectively we are building a more perfect future for Vietnam, the US and the world. We do this by identifying Noble leaders and empowering them to be more successful so that their Noble values are multiplied through the many lives they touch. We provide means for Noble leaders to build income through trade relationships, while sourcing capital investments and offering valuable educational opportunities for them and their employees.

Philosophy / values

The Noble Network philosophy is based on the ancient concept of being a “noble” within a community of nobles. In other words, living by admirable personal qualities in pursuit of socially uplifting change, in community with other like-minded leaders. Our values are based on what it means to pursue our lives with Noble character.

– Work with energy, purpose and a plan to increase value in people and in situations for the benefit of a better world.

– Focus on good: never harmful, never dishonest.

– Prudently use resources with eagerness to meet needs.

– Gratefully earn, receive and honor the trust, support and confidence that others grant us.

– Invest and re-invest, starting with the lives of people we know.

– Look for good business deals and make them work successfully to strengthen Noble values.

– Care for and build the welfare of employees, employee families, customers and suppliers.

– Build respectfully with all people as we interact within our community.

Our board of directors

Mr. Loren Lancaster


Mr. Ngô Long Giang


Mr. James Kang

Our investors

Mr. Ngô Long Giang

Mr. James Kang

Mr. Nguyễn Quang Huy

Dr. Vũ Phi Yên

Ms. Trần Thị Thanh Vân

Front Range Ventures Connections

Our team

Ms. Hoàng Thu Phương


Ms. Phạm Ngọc Thảo Ly

Trade Specialist

Ms. Lê Thị Trang

Marketing Manager cum

Business Development Manager

Ms. Dương Nhật Linh

Marketing Assistant

Ms. Lê Việt Phương

Trade Development Manager

Ms. Từ Nguyệt Nga

HR Manager

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