Not many companies are truly Noble all the time, but if you and your company appreciate our Noble Network values, mission and vision, then you do not have to pursue your passions alone. At the Noble Network we are a community of leaders who are working together to support each other to strengthen our companies, empower our Noble values, and become more impactful in our respective worlds. Consider joining with us. Great dreams require great teams. Noble Network’s ability to succeed depends on you too.

1. Filter of companies:

A corporate governance commitment that is pursued in all industries, but more impactful in certain types of companies. All industries are participating in the social change to stakeholder focus, however, there are specific traits that make some companies more impactful than others. These traits include:

  • Operating significantly in emerging market countries and regions
  • Providing products and services that affect large numbers of stakeholders (directly, indirectly)
  • Managed by noble executives that care about the impact they have on people
  • Focused on product/service customer experience quality and environmental impact
  • Financially solid operations with ongoing revenue and profits
  • Passionate about personal, corporate, and employee betterment through education
  • Committed to revenue and profit growth through international trade development.

2. When you become part of the Noble Network community you build on a solid foundation:

  •  Internationally recognized for our successful and ethical business practices earned through years of engagements and business success
  •  Unsurpassed multi-cultural expertise for bridging the gap between the United States and Vietnam for middle-market businesses and investors
  •  PhD and Master level diplomas held by our leaders and trainers from prestigious universities
  •  Recognized expert business lecturers at leading Vietnam universities
  •  Vietnam and US PhD developed and delivered life skills training for employees
  •  Business skill training program developed by leading US business experts

3. As a Certified Noble Company you will also experience more personal benefits:

  • Listed as a Certified Noble Company on our web site and in our materials
  • Granted a Certified Noble Company certificate that you can display on your web site and at your company
  • Provided access to the Noble Network Education Center and invited to engage in our educational programs
  • Receive no-cost referrals and introductions by us to other Certified Noble Company leaders, Network members and prospective members for valuble business opportunities
  • Engage with us by contract to utilize our extensive trade deal services to build your company revenues
  • Benefit from being a “first choice” vendor candidate when we discover new business opportunities

4.The strong passion we share for a better Vietnam, a better United States, and a better world is only possible because we are working together.
With Noble Network you too can join to build noble communities. Here is an example of your roadmap to participation.

  • Meet with us. Get to know us personally. Allow us to get to know you.
  • Invite us to perform an assessment of your company. Show us your strengths, weakness. Share with us stories of your noble pursuits. This assessment is performed annually at a nominal cost.
  • Become a certified Member of the Noble Network. Get involved and included. Show the world your passion and our support for you by displaying your Certified Noble Company Certificate.
  • Engage with us to build your strength. We will add to your revenue, profit, skills, knowledge, and employee productivity and happiness.

5. Please contact us to start the process