[Newsletter | April 2023] – Noble Network Visited Quang Phat Factory in Quang Binh

On April 13, Noble Network had the opportunity to visit Quang Phat – one of the leading wood, plywood, and veneer processing companies in Vietnam that has many factories equipped with modern processing technology in Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province.

Mr. Loren and the representatives from Quang Phat factory

To support the upcoming cooperation process, Noble Network is very pleased to be invited to visit the Quang Phat factory, learn about the plywood production process, and meet the company’s management.

Outside the Quang Phat factory.  Many trees and flowers are displayed

First, we toured the factory and learned about how plywood is produced. The tree trunks, after being carefully selected, are cut into equal pieces, then shaved to remove the outer bark. Next, these solid cores are fed into a cutter to cut into thin wood panels.

The trunk of the tree is cut equally and the outer bark is shaved
Thin wood panels are cut from the tree trunks

Workers select the required size wood panels and put them aside to begin the drying stage so they may reach the required moisture content. This drying process only takes a few minutes.

Workers put wooden boards into the dryer

After being dried, the wooden boards will be put aside to rest before being sewn together into larger panels.

Wood panels are sewn together into larger ones

The next step is to layer and glue the boards according to the customer’s thickness and usage requirements, then it is cold pressed. The glue that Quang Phat uses is high-quality, odorless, and non-toxic to humans and the environment. It’s non-irritating to the eyes when standing at a close distance.

The boards are glued
Planks are stacked in layers
Cold press machine

The final step is to patch the exposed parts, heat press, and cover the surface with veneer. Finished products are packed into blocks of equal size and transported by container trucks from the warehouse to the required location.

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Plywood is ready to be delivered to customers
Standing in front of Quang Phat’s factory

Noble Network is delighted to have the representatives of Quang Phat factory explain each step of plywood production. We also learned more impressive details in Quang Phat’s operations: 70% of the workers are female, the staff’s lunches are carefully menued and the ingredients are tightly selected, single mothers or employees who take care of elderly parents have additional flexibility in their work schedules, etc. These special benefits make Noble Network very impressed at how Quang Phat cares about its employees and workers.

Friendly discussions with the Board of Directors of Quang Phat

Noble Network found that Quang Phat is a company with high-quality products and a leadership team that is both conscientious and visionary. We hope to be able to use our expertise to help Quang Phat move forward with its business ventures, bringing more value to the company and the community.

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