[Newsletter | April, 2023] – The Contract Between Avant-Garde Art Glass And AMA Was Successfully Signed Under The Promotion Of Noble Network

After the Trade Winds event in Bangkok, Thailand, on March 17, 2023, Noble Network conducted a business trip with representatives of Avant-Garde Art Glass to visit plastic and mold production facilities in Bac Ninh, Bac Giang with the goal of introducing a new product line for Avant-Garde Art Glass by use of Vietnam capabilities.

AMA and Avant-Garde Art Glass started the negotiation process before these meetings under the support of Noble Network. The two sides started the process by conducting negotiations through an online platform. Therefore, the meeting between AMA and Avant-Garde Art Glass at AMA’s factory was the first official meeting between the two parties after months of implementing connection and contract negotiation activities under the management and support of Noble Network.


At these meetings, Avant-Garde Art. Glass was introduced to the departments at AMA’s factory, and they discussed many issues related to the production. At the conclusion of these meetings, Avant-Garde Art Glass and AMA officially signed their first International Purchase Agreement for mold production and also a Memorandum of Understanding for the production of cups later. This is a big step forward for Avant-Garde Art Glass. Now the parties have a legal basis for comprehensive cooperation and mutual benefits. The contract signed with AMA will help Avant-Garde Art Glass gradually enter the Vietnamese market with the support of strategic, capable partners, vision and future development prospects.

In the future, as the Avant-Garde Art Glass and AMA mold production process is carried out, Noble Network will continue to be a much-needed bridge with other existing and new clients, helping parties find partners, expand business activities, and consult to reduce investment risks.

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