[Newsletter | February] – Difficulties of Import & Export Enterprises during Tet Holidays

If one of the biggest holidays in the United States is New Year’s Day, January 1st, then Lunar New Year is the most important holiday of the year in Vietnam. Tet is the first day of January according to the lunar calendar every year, usually one to two months later than in the Solar calendar. The demand for goods transportation increases in the days leading up to Tet, and production and business activities are promoted to serve the people, so shipping, import-export, and production services will need some help. 


Shipping may be delayed due to overload

Tet is the perfect time for people to decorate their homes to welcome the new year, so shopping demand often increases very high during the last days of the year. Especially when online shopping services flourish, we can all easily order an item anyway and have it delivered to our home.

Online orders are exploding and shipping services are operating continuously, but supply must meet demand to be on time or be longer than expected. This is also the break time for some shipping units, making it difficult to transport goods, overloaded due to lack of vehicles and manpower, so general transport activities throughout the market will be delayed due to Units still in operation being overloaded.


Freight rates increase and additional fees are collected

Holidays are a time when freight rates change in an upward direction. Due to high market demand and a shortage of human resources and transportation, many units charge extra fees on Tet days. Therefore, customers who need to transport goods on this occasion should contact the shipping unit as soon as possible to receive the best support, avoiding overloading that causes delays and increased freight rates, causing damage to the business.

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Low information support ability for customers

Also due to the lack of personnel when most of the shipping units’ personnel are off during Tet, transportation and information support for customers will also become delayed and unable to handle problems well for the customers. 

Therefore, to avoid overload when transporting goods and to avoid risks in terms of time and shipping costs, you should plan ahead at least 2 to 3 weeks before Tet comes and consult 3 to 4 different shipping companies to get the most flexible and suitable choice.


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