The Moodle-based Noble Network Education Center offers a uniquely valuable curriculum that builds our members through educational achievement and mastery of skills. Each class is offered in short duration blocks tailored to the lifestyle of busy adults. Our proprietary combination of classroom and “on-the-job” skill training builds upon previous achievements, while enabling members to develop at their own pace to a point of mastery.

Our core instructors hold Master and PhD degrees, and teach at top rated universities in Vietnam and the United States. Noble Network members also can achieve Noble Network teacher credentials. The Noble Network Education Center evaluators issue achievement badging for each type and level of skill mastery. Skills are trained by systematically following a preset syllabus with progress document in a Training Module Record (TMR).


Each TMR includes:

  • Prerequisites
  • Basic Training
  • Advanced Training
  • On-the-Job Evaluation
  • Evaluator Signatures