Noble Network JSC. is Moving to a New Office

Starting from February 2020, we as Noble Network JSC. are moving all of our employees as well as operations into a new office. This new working environment, however, is still located in the same building as the old one.

Toong’s Coworking Space’s Location on Map.

Both of Noble Network’s old and new working room are located inside Toong Coworking Space, which is the first work environment developer in Indochina and now available all over Asia. In details, we are in Toong Hoang Dao Thuy, lying in the heart of Cau Giay District, Hanoi. This makes it really convenient for us to work with our clients, especially in the area of the city.

The moving decision is the result of a whole process of our board of directors seriously taking our demand into consideration. Since our number of employees is not so high at the moment, we believed what would best fit us is a smaller working room than the previous one. This helps us reduce the renting cost and allows us to switch our available into other useful activities to boost Noble Network JSC.’s operation.’

Our New Office Logo

Having a smaller office, nevertheless, does not mean bringing our capability down. We are still a superior team that could fulfil each and every demand of our clients. This is also not a fixed situation. In the upcoming future, we shall adjust our office to be suitable for our needs as the company expands.

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