Welcome Blue Room™ LLC to Join Noble Network!!

We are delighted to announce the entry of a new member in Noble Network – Blue Room™ LLC.

On May 31, the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding between Noble Network JSC and Blue Room™ LLC took place successfully, officially recognizing Blue Room™ as the first 5 year membership in the Noble Network. The signing ceremony was held online, on the Zoom platform, with the participation of 20 people in Vietnam and the United States, including employees, members and partners of the two sides.

The signing ceremony of a MOU between Noble Network JSC and Blue Room™ LLC on the Zoom platform


Blue Room™ is a private investment company born of invention, forward thought and hope. They create space in which to amplify the power of human togetherness. Blue Room™ offers investors a holistic way to buy stock in publicly traded companies with large upside potential, take an ownership stake in private companies with meaningful social missions, invest in recognized artists who are poised to become significant producers of creative work, and benefit stable nonprofits that seek to improve our relationships with one another and with the natural environment, all at the same time.

Blue Room™ will pursue its very first project in Vietnam with the help of the Noble Network. The project will bring a positive influence not only to the Noble Network, but also bring profit to Blue RoomTM and economic and job development to the two countries, Vietnam and the United States. Although the world is in the midst of a stressful Covid-19 pandemic, we are all very happy to be able to establish a solid membership relationship, which will serve as a premise for future projects between Blue Room™ and Noble Network.

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Mr. Minyoung Sohn, founder of Blue Room™ is looking forward to working with young people in Vietnam to build a wonderful process of teaching one another, establishing and strengthening their business English skills and their global connectivity. And in terms of its ultimate goal, Blue Room™ is committed to build real personal trust, human bonds, and connected businesses that bring our two countries closer together.

Mr. Loren Lancaster, director of Noble Network JSC, believes that, after joining the Noble Network and receiving our enthusiastic support, Blue Room™ will make great strides in their strategic plan for the Vietnam market.

Once again, Noble Network is honored to receive the trust from Blue Room™ and for their new 5-year membership contract, becoming a companion for a long time to come.


Join us: https://noblenetwork.vn/

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