Welcome Mr. James Kang – Our Board of Directors to Vietnam!

Today, April 20th, 2022, Noble Network is so glad to welcome Mr. James Kang – one of our Board of Directors – to Vietnam from the US. He has flown to Việt Nam to live in Hà Nội for his business and today he came by to meet the full Noble Network team for the first time. 

Mr. James Kang is very happy to be warmly welcomed by Noble Network
Mr. James Kang is very happy to be warmly welcomed by Noble Network

Attending the meeting, were: Mr. Loren Thomas Lancaster – Director, Chairman, Mr. Ngô Long Giang, Director, Investor, Board of Directors member, Mr. James Kang – Board of Director member and Investor, Mr. Nguyễn Quang Huy – Investor, Mrs. Hồ Thúy Ngà – Expert, Ms. Trang Lê – Marketing Manager, Ms. Kỳ Duyên – Trade Development Manager, Ms. Quỳnh – Accountant, Ms. Lưu Thị Trâm Anh – HR Manager, Ms. Vũ Phương Linh – Intern, and two other employees from Blue Room Việt Nam Team.

Noble Network welcomed Mr. James Kang to the office in Vietnam
Noble Network welcomed Mr. James Kang to the office in Vietnam

In the beginning, we had a short but warm meeting in which everyone introduced themselves so the Board of Directors, the investors, the expert, and the staff could get to know each other better. After that, Mr. James Kang, the investor, and the expert shared their opinions about the future directions for Noble Network (creating more events for members and clients, connecting with more companies, bringing more value to the Vietnamese and the US members and clients, etc.) which are highly appreciated by the Director and the staff. Then, a brief summary of daily operations was provided by the Noble Network team in order for everyone to understand the employees and their jobs. 

The meeting with Mr. James Kang became more interesting when we invited him to lunch for some Vietnamese food where he enjoyed fresh cuisine that deliciously expressed the local culture. We had a good time together, especially when Mr. James briefly asked to learn a little Vietnamese from the Noble Network staff. 

Although Mr. James Kang has not managed the daily operations, he has supported Noble Network by being a member of the Board of Directors, an Investor, and by sharing his knowledge and experience with the Director. He has motivated and inspired the team with his generous compliments and recognition. 

Once again, Noble Network is so grateful to meet Mr. James Kang in Vietnam. We wish him all the best and we hope he will keep supporting the company in his own way.

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