A New Service From Noble Network To Bring Members and Clients More Comprehensive and Specialized Support

Noble Network JSC, established in 2019, is the Vietnam operating company of Front Range Venture Connections in the US (founded in 2003). Since our establishment, we have successfully delivered our standard services and advanced services to our Members and clients, helping them develop international trade relationships and grow stronger. Additionally, Noble Network also has curated customized services demanded by our Members and clients. When a curated service is required by many people, we develop the service into a regular service offering. That’s why, now, we are happy to inform you that: Noble Network is offering a new service to bring our members and clients more comprehensive and specialized support.

Consult and support to open a company/branch/sales channel (websites, social channels, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, etc.) in the US/Vietnam market: Instead of developing a trade relationship with a foreign partner, some clients wish to establish an overseas company/branch/sales channel. This approach opens great development opportunities for businesses with enough potential and desire to reach beyond their own country. From here, they can approach and interact directly with their customer group without going through intermediaries. However, in order to do this, businesses need to thoroughly understand the market, appropriate entry methods, relevant government and banking paperwork, and the countless important tasks required to establish and maintain the company’s new overseas entity. Noble Network has valuable experience in this field; we have supported our Members and clients for a sales channel on Amazon, two branch enterprises in Vietnam, and several corporate entities in the US. And we can do more to establish and support the new entity’s initial operations and growth. Let Noble Network support you with our resources and experience. Full-year Noble Network Members receive a 10% discount on this service.

Learn more about our available services here!

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