1. Introduction: Our support for trade development is focused on multicultural relationship coaching using a real-time step-by-step approach. Our personalized approach truly integrates the Asian values of family and relationship building, and the American values of rigorous due diligence and accountability in a way that creates uniquely valuable noble relationships.

The potential for building SME (middle-market) relationship is vast. Both the US and Vietnam have unlimited numbers of interested companies. Therefore, we have developed innovative cross-cultural services that bridge the gap with solutions that work in both cultures.

2. Example services: Our services are concentrated in building value through a holistic strategy for empowering Noble leaders to become more powerful and more effective. Instead of simply making deals, our holistic approach is to use our deep knowledge in international deal making, cross-cultural development, and education to build up Noble leaders. Some specific examples include:

Trade Deals:

  • Performing local market research to identify suitable trade partners to meet specific business needs
  • Performing prospect due diligence in the areas of operations, financial management, and business values
  • Determining a suitable strategy to structure valuable trade relationships and investments
  • Creating connections between SME (middle market) Noble companies in Vietnam and the United States
  • Representing our absentee clients during on-site meetings in both Vietnam and the United States
  • Negotiating and financing cooperative bi-lateral agreements of various forms to create value
  • Facilitating legal processes through authorized resources, such as contracts, government registrations, permitting and filing, trademark and logo registrations, etc.
  • Locating and placing capital to support the bi-lateral agreements in order to create and harvest value
  • Planning, arranging and managing cross-Pacific trade delegation visits to build relationships (passports, visas, flights, hotels, local travel, site visits, local language escorts, etc.)
  • Creating deal-specific financial models to determine schedules, costs, investments, returns, cash flow, vulnerabilities, etc.
  • Translating and interpreting discussions, communications, documents between English and Vietnamese as needed for text, email, letters, reports, laws, etc.
  • Providing cross-cultural coaching to minimize missteps and unintended offenses, while maximizing joyful surprises and warm, respectful interactions
  • Performing research of a variety of forms, such as from information available on the internet or from government agencies
  • Securing local document notary, State Apostilles and Authentications, US State Department Authentifications, VN Legalizations, as required
  • Filing for Vietnam official Immigration Department letters of invitation and visa grants
  • Extending post deal relationship support on an as needed basis

Education and Training:

We provide valuable education and training to our Noble Network companies to strengthen their leader’s business skills as well as the work and family life skills of their employees. The overall result is our members develop into a stronger, more stable and more productive company over time.

3. Number of deals: 

Prior deal locations: 17 countries

Number of prior engagements: Over 80

Number of large financing deals: 15