Our support for trade development is focused on multicultural relationship coaching using a real-time step-by-step approach. Our personalized approach truly integrates the Asian values of family and relationship building, and the American values of rigorous due diligence and accountability in a way that creates uniquely valuable noble relationships.

The potential for building SME (middle-market) relationship is vast. Both the US and Vietnam have unlimited numbers of interested companies. Therefore, we have developed innovative cross-cultural services that bridge the gap with solutions that work in both cultures.


Standard Package includes following services:

  • Company contact list: The company contact list is one of our most outstanding services which helps our Members develop their trade opportunities in Vietnam and the US. The list will be provided based on your request or your area of operations declared in your Application Form. It is best if you can give us the name of your available contact list so we can erase them from our proposal for you. If you are a member of Noble Network, you are offered FREE 5 contacts within a year without any further costs.

Finding NAICS Code, Harmonized System, Schedule B:

  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code, a self-assigned system to describe your business activities, is widely used in the USA for both internal and external purposes. This code helps the company in statistical analysis, tax incentives, classifying customers, and communicating with stakeholders. To collaborate with an American company, the NAICS code will be an effective supporter of your deal.
  • Harmonized System classification is a six-digit standard, called a subheading, for classifying globally traded products. HS codes, also called HS numbers, are used by customs authorities worldwide to identify the duty and tax rates for specific types of products.
  • Schedule B code is a 10-digit subset of HTS codes for US exporters. Schedule B codes are used for statistical purposes by the US government to monitor US exports. Being our member, your company is provided the code FREE once a year.
  • Identifying required governmental documents for importing and exporting: Noble Network provides our Members with a list of required documents for importing and exporting which are compulsory to be eligible for this trade. Besides, we also help support classifying companies’ merchandise correctly and minimize exposure. Our Members can get this research at a 10%-discounted price.
  • Support to acquire Certificate of Free Sales and Certificate of Origin: DISCOUNT 45% for Noble Network’s Member.
  • Market Research: Before entering a new market, it is highly essential to do market research. This service helps your business deeply understand the existing market and competing products, including brands, products, selling features, differentiation, and price. As a result, you can build up a more suitable penetration strategy to compete with the incumbents and approach target customers. Our Membership package gives you a discount of 10% for this service.
  • Shipping Logistics Guidance: We offer our Members logistics support, including providing reports on Regulations and organization basics of international transport and developing a transportation scheme by the most preferred mode of transport. This service is discounted by 10% to the Members of Noble Network.
  • Training and Consulting with experts: A 50% DISCOUNT of 2 hours of training and consulting with our experts who have a lot of experience in finance, investment, trade, etc. will be a big advantage of being our Members.
  • Interpretation and Translation services: During the international deal, our Members need a lot of interpretation and translation support to communicate with the potential partners. Noble Network, with our teams who graduated from top universities in Vietnam such as Foreign Trade University, Hanoi University, etc., will be in charge of providing these services. With the standard Membership package, our Members can access FREE 10 pages of translation (5,000 words)/per year and FREE 4 hours of interpretation/per year (not including travel expenses).
  • Advertising on Noble Network publications and access to our newsletters: Becoming a Member of Noble Network, your logo and company information will be displayed on the website of Noble Network and any other publications when we introduce our Members. Besides, you get FREE access to our up-to-date news and newsletters.
  • FREE/DISCOUNTED Member Events: Every two months, or even more frequently, Noble Network holds events for our members with the purpose of connecting them, building up relationships, and sharing knowledge and skills. Each event conveys a different topic which helps the members improve themselves through experience from Noble Network’s experts and other Members.
  • Noble Network Education Center: Noble Network provides economics courses such as financing, accounting, entrepreneurship, etc. conducted by PhD. and Master leaders and trainers. We offer our members with DISCOUNTED tuition fee which is applied for all of our courses. 

In addition to all services in the Standard Package, Advanced Package brings our members and clients more amazing offers:

  • Company introduction: Noble Network is proud of being a trustful bridge to connect people and resources. To provide this service, our director has to take time, effort, and reputation to guarantee and introduce our Members to their partners. The price for this service is customized based on the distance of traveling, the size of partners, the scale of the deal, etc. Being a Member of Noble Network, your business will get a 10% discount on the total fees.
  • Deal support: This advanced service is considered general service which provides support to Members and clients from the beginning to the end of their deals. With years of experience in trading and thoroughness among our teams, Noble Network is confident to bring our Members and clients qualified services at competitive prices.
  • Partner verification services: There are a lot of international commercial frauds nowadays due to the lack of partner verification. Caring about this problem of our Members and clients, Noble Network will provide partner verification services which include verifying partners based on the governmental certificates, on-site verifying videos, and partner review reports so that the Members and clients can choose reliable partners to work with. Therefore, you can reduce risks for the international trade of your business at very reasonable costs. And you even get a discount of 10% if you are a Member.
  • Government Affairs processing: Noble Network has a lot of experience in working on government affairs processing, namely asking for a visa, or a resident card, and supporting the business to get certificates and documents for testing, importing and exporting products, etc. in Vietnam and the US. Our Members will get the benefit of a 10% discount for this service.
  • Consult and support to open a company/branch/sales channel (websites, social channels, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, etc.) in the US/Vietnam market: Overseas company/branch/sales channel opens up great development opportunities for businesses with enough potential and desire to reach beyond their own country. From here, they can approach and interact directly with the customer group without going through intermediaries. However, in order to do this, businesses need to thoroughly understand the market, appropriate entry methods, relevant paperwork and countless important tasks to establish and maintain the company’s operations of the company/Branch/Sales channel in the US/Vietnam market. Noble Network has experience in this field, we have been supporting our Members and customers to open a sales channel on Amazon, or set up a branch in the Vietnam market. And we can do more than that. Let Noble Network support you with our resources and experience. Full-year members will receive a 10% discount on this service.
  • Designing and developing financing strategies for trade deals and company growth: Based on your company’s needs, Noble Network can offer an effective and comprehensive financial and capital raising strategy that is in line with the company’s development vision. In addition, together with experienced experts in the field of finance and international trade, Noble Network helps your company design commercial transactions in the most tight, optimal and safest way, thereby optimizing profit maximization. And a 10% of discount for this service is an exclusive benefit for our Members.
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