[Newsletter | July, 2021] – Goods Restricted and Prohibited from Exporting to the US

Whether you’re sending an American friend a present or shipping for a business, it’s important to be aware of what you can and can’t send to the USA. Noble Network will introduce you goods restricted and prohibited from exporting to the US so you can be aware of and well-prepared before entering this big market.

1. Goods Restricted from Exporting to the US 

Depending on the type of goods you want to ship to the US, you may need to provide more information.

For some products, you need to provide the US Customs with some more details and compliance certificates.

If no additional licenses or certifications are required, you can simply declare this information on the commercial invoice. If there is no space on the commercial invoice, you can create a separate table and attach it to your shipping documents.

  • Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

If you are shipping eyeglasses and sunglasses from Vietnam to the US, you will need to register with the FDA. You will also need to attach the ‘Certificate of Impact Test’ to your shipping documents. This certificate certifies that the lenses are sufficiently resistant to meet FDA standards.

Eyeglasses and Sunglasses
Eyeglasses and Sunglasses
  • Circuit board

If you are about to ship printed circuit boards (PCBs), electronic components or integrated circuits, you will need to provide more details to help calculate the correct tax. Include: components description (sizes and types). PCB shipments to the US must include a checklist stating the form and construction material. Integrated circuit shipments must include a checklist detailing the types and sizes.

Circuit board
Circuit board
  • Electronics

Most electronic devices shipped to the US do not require additional documentation. However, if transferring potentially hazardous electronic equipment, you will need to include the declaration with your shipment. These devices include radios, transmitters, and ultrasonic devices. You can download a sample Federal Communications Commission statement here.

  • Means and equipment of means of transport

If you are importing to the US a motor vehicle or any related equipment (such as a child seat belt system or headlights) into the US, you will need to enclose the HS7 form with your shipping documents. Depending on vehicle type (and engine, if transported separately), additional documentation may be required. Visit the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website for more information.

Means and equipment of means of transport
Means and equipment of means of transport
  • Alcohol, tobacco and firearms of all kinds

The restrictions on alcohol and tobacco shipments from Vietnam are very strict. Import approval application forms and detailed instructions are located on the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) web site here. Importing beverages that contain alcohol require forms and procedures located on the US Customs Clearance website here.

Alcohol, tobacco and firearms of all kinds
Alcohol, tobacco and firearms of all kinds
  • Entertainment media

If you are transferring DVDs or movies, the product description should clearly describe the format and content details. In addition, you need to send the signed statement, clearly stating the following: The imported film(s) contains no pornographic or unethical content, and does not support or incite treason or opposition to the United States. US Customs will be inspecting these products to determine if any US or international intellectual property rights are or will be violated by allowing the media into the US.more information is available on the US Customs and Border Protection site here.

Entertainment media
Entertainment media
  • Clothing and textiles

Non-U.S. apparel and textile products valued at more than $5 must be labeled as follows:

Manufacturer’s name and address (MID)

Material percentage up to 100%

Knitted or woven details

Textiles for men or women

Measurement unit for fabric

Clothing and textiles
Clothing and textiles

Exceptions include:

Personal shipments

Patterns are torn or marked

Item returned in catalog


  • Footwear

If the value of your footwear shipment exceeds $800, you may need a Temporary Invoice stating the type of footwear.


Exceptions to not providing an invoice include:

Model one


Personal shipments to the US

Item returned in catalog

Parts of footwear

Shoes for dolls

  • Chemistry

If you are shipping chemicals, mixtures or articles containing chemicals, you must certify that your shipment complies with Toxic Substances Control (TSCA) laws. To ensure compliance, you must complete a TSCA form, certifying that your shipment complies with applicable regulations or that the chemical is not covered by the guidelines.


Examples of goods that require TSCA compliance include:

Oil (crude oil and processed oil)

Chemicals in liquid or powder form

Soaps and detergents


Import country as a test sample

  • Clock

Request additional information for watches valued at over $800. 

Material composition of strap and case. 

Form of transportation. 

Electricity supply

Number of jewels

Country of origin of the transportation system

The value of each part

  • Art and antiques

If you ship items to the US that are antiques or original works of art, you may be able to claim preferential tax rates on non-US goods valued at more than $2,000. If you are shipping an original artwork, include your signed statement with your shipping document. If you are shipping antiques (items that are over 100 years old), include your antique inventory and shipping documents.

Art and antiques
Art and antiques
  • Food, drink and medicine

When shipping food items to the US, the owner, operator or agent in charge of domestic and foreign facilities that produce/process, pack or preserve food for the purpose of Consumers in the United States are required to register their business with the FDA.

Food, drink and medicine
Food, drink and medicine

2. Goods Prohibited from Exporting to the US

The regulation of the list of prohibited items to be sent to the US has been carefully researched and considered with the advice of many branches and state organizations. According to Clause 6, Article 3 of Decree 185/2013/ND-CP, banned goods are those banned from business, production, circulation or use; goods that have not yet been allowed to be circulated or used in Vietnam. Below is a list of prohibited items when sending to the US:

– Alcoholic drink

– Animal skins (not tamed)

– Welds of special value (artwork, antiques, precious stones, gold and silver, etc.)

– Dangerous Goods/Materials

– Guns

Goods Prohibited from Exporting to the US - Guns
Goods Prohibited from Exporting to the US – Guns

– Fur

– Ivory and products made from ivory

– Live animals

– Money and vouchers can be exchanged for money

– Perishable goods

– Plants

– Erotic material

– Seeds

– Stamps with special value

– Ammunition (classified as explosive or ORM-D/Explosive)

– Bank bills, notes and currency (except checks or collectibles)

– Corpse, cremated or remains (human or animal, in any form, including ashes)

– Hazardous waste, flammable liquids (products are liquids such as perfumes, cosmetics, paints, glues, flavorings, alcohol, alcohol, hairspray…)

– Cannabis, including cannabis for medical purposes

– Counterfeiting

– Illegal wildlife products, including shark fins and ivory

– Opium & Illegal Drugs

– Explosives, including fireworks

– Illegal cigarettes

– Chemical precursors

– Goods prohibited by law, articles and goods that the State bans from circulation, business, export and import

– Gases: Gas cylinders, gas lighters, oxygen tanks for breathing

– Corrosive substances: acids, batteries, power banks

– Motorcycles, cars

– Chemical powders and

– Items with magnetic fields, with batteries inside

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