Noble Network At AMCHAM GALA 2020

Noble Network presented at the AMCHAM Gala on 4th December, 2020 to meet up with representatives from the Vietnamese government, the US Embassy and many successful businessmen in Vietnam and the US.

Representatives of Noble Network at AMCHAM Gala 2020

AMCHAM Gala 2020 is an annual year-end event organized by The American Chamber of Commerce at JW Marriot in Hanoi in order to mark the growing commercial relationship between Vietnam and the US. There were a lot of important guests coming from the Vietnamese government, the US Embassy and Vietnamese businesses at AMCHAM Gala 2020. Noble Network, a Vietnam operating subsidiary of Front Range Venture Connections, a US company founded in 2003, was honored to be a guest in such a special event of AMCHAM.

AMCHAM Gala 2020 is a place where leaders meet and connect with a diversity of successful businessmen in Vietnam and the US. Mr. Loren Lancaster – the director of Noble Network – was very excited about meeting many representatives from different organizations who share the similar vision as Noble Network. We are dedicated to building a better future for Vietnam, the US and the world. 

Mr. Loren Lancaster talking to another guest at the gala

Until now, Noble Network and it’s US patent has managed to engage in over 80 national and international deals, 15 large financing deals in 17 countries. Noble  Network is now seeking  potential members who would like to join a network of Noble business leaders, executives, investors and educators who come together to empower socially aware companies and their leaders.

Join us if you have a noble mind!  

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