We Warmly Welcome An Dat To Join Noble Network

We are delighted to announce the entry of a new member in Noble Network – An Dat International Trade and Production Joint Stock Company.

On April 7th, Noble Network and An Dat signed a Membership Agreement, officially recognizing the joining of this new member in the Noble Network.

Mr. Loren Lancaster – Director of Noble Network and Mr. Le Xuan Nguyen – Chairman of Board of Directors of An Dat

An Dat International Trade and Production Joint Stock Company specializes in providing the following items: Medical supplies: nano silver mask, protective clothing – gown: level 0-1-2-3-4 with an antibacterial layer of nano silver, high quality medical gloves; Implementation of agricultural projects: fruit cultivation, medicinal plants and husbandry; Processing of agricultural products such as dried mango, jackfruit, avocado oil,; Researching and developing Nano Polymer for green materials and treatment of construction waste, industrial waste, waste sludge.

Before becoming a member, An Dat used Noble Network’s services as a client. Receiving enthusiastic and dedicated support from the Noble Network JSC team, Mr. Le Xuan Nguyen realized that it’s time to join the network and Noble Network JSC, having met many times with An Dat, determined that they were a good company to invite to the network.

Mr. Le Xuan Nguyen and Mr. Loren Lancaster sign the Memorandum of Understanding for Membership

Mr. Nguyen hopes to connect with professional partners to be able to establish successful cooperation deals. He also wished that not only An Dat but also other members of the network will receive support from Noble Network to become more successful, developing commercial relations between Vietnam and the United States.

We sincerely acknowledge Mr. Nguyen’s comments and will strive for the success of our Noble Network members.

We thank An Dat for their trust and we wish that An Dat will achieve much more success in the future through their activities in the Noble Network.

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