West Atlantic Enterprise Signed A Contract to Use Noble Network’s Services

On July 31, West Atlantic Enterprise LLC and Noble Network JSC signed an agreement to work together to construct new business plans and comprehensive models for socially impactful projects under development by West Atlantic Enterprise.

West Atlantic Enterprise (WAE) is a newly formed Limited Liability Company (LLC) founded by a recently retired US military veteran – Mr. Archie Ngwayah, CEO – , that aims to revolutionize developing nations’ agriculture and construction sectors by offering affordable apartment complexes, modernizing farming, and providing high-quality, nutritious, and chemical-free fruits, vegetables, and other crops. WAE launched their business in the United States with operations in West Africa, specifically in Liberia. WAE’s primary farming products include rice, onions, potatoes, and cassava. In addition, they are constructing affordable apartments that will sell for long-term residential usage and as vacation rentals. WAE hopes to significantly impact the Liberian market, neighboring countries, and global customers with their unique approach. 

 Noble Network is supporting and accompanying WAE’s upcoming projects by contributing to the development of their mission to become a leading company in the field of construction and agriculture in Liberia, and other developing nations. Regarding this new relationship, Mr. Loren Lancaster, Director of Noble Network, commented, “We are very grateful for the trust that WAE has placed in Noble Network by inviting us to assist in this critical development phase of WAE’s vision. Countless numbers of people will be positively affected by WAE and we feel blessed to do our part to help. This relationship will provide a great opportunity for Noble Network to link talent and resources between Vietnam and the United States to create a significantly positive impact together in the world.” 

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 Noble Network JSC is a Vietnam-based subsidiary of Front Range Venture Connections, Inc located in the United States. Together they provide a wide range of valuable consulting resources and services to support companies in both countries who are expanding their business relationships internationally.

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