Welcome AFDEX To Join Noble Network

It’s such a big honor to welcome AFDEX EcoSystem to be a member of Noble Network

Mr. Loren Lancaster, CEO of Noble Network and Mr. Chu Hong Trung, CEO of AFDEX EcoSystem officially signed the Agreement for Membership and Strategic Cooperation.

On 24th March, 2021, Noble Network was invited to the Talk-out and Signing Ceremony for Agreements on Investment Cooperation Programs for Establishment of Vietnamese Agricultural Supply Chains – Public Private Services and Carbon Credits held by AFDEX EcoSystem (A unique optimal Solution for Agriculture studied for more than 10 years by a private company in Vietnam – Pho Cho Co., Ltd). In the event, Noble Network listened to a diversity of valuable speeches about Vietnamese bamboo products, Carbon credits, Afforestation plans in Vietnam, etc. Especially, the event was attended by several representatives from MOF, MARD, Ministry of Environment, Universities, Hanoi Youth Union, Bac Ninh Provincial DARD and many owners of Supply Chains. Besides, the representatives of the importers for AFDEX’s supply chains and BestB Capital Investment Fund also presented about a great potential and a clear orientation when becoming AFDEX’s partners. Noble Network had a brief presentation about the US beef and grains which are two of the main projects proposed between AFDEX and Noble Network. Accordingly, AFDEX and Noble Network will plan to establish the “Two-way Commodity Exchange Program” between Vietnam and USA in near future.  

The attendees are picked up by AFDEX’s bus.
The view of the Talk-Show and Signing Ceremony 

Although the two parties have signed a Cooperation Agreement, becoming a member of Noble Network brings more benefits and values to AFDEX and their partners with more intensive support and commitments from Noble Network. As a result, in the event, Noble Network and AFDEX signed the Memorandum of Understanding for Membership and Strategic Cooperation, recognizing AFDEX as one of the official members of our network. 

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Mr. Loren, Mr. Trung and representatives from Noble Network and AFDEX.

Noble Network is proud to inform the public about one more new member in our network. We are confident that this cooperation will create great development opportunities for not only AFDEX, Noble Network but also our members and partners. 

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